Monday, September 10, 2012

Meeting divas (fatal) in New York


I admit it: as I write this post the only thing that runs through my veins is envy. And no, it is not healthy. And they have to look at every street style blogs in the morning and found that the only entries are taken at Fashion Week in New York is not nice. I want, however I relay everything that happens in my desk at home. Why some are so big and immense luck? Life is like that.

And how could it be otherwise / and no doubt it) Chiara Ferragni shows us what is your ideal life with new photographs in the Big Apple. Yes, about a month ago and was on the streets, but now back with a very different reason: show your style and be as between all attendees.


Rumi is there walk Fashiontoast barrel. No, not going to lose something so special and appears in his usual: a shirt / white dress and sunglasses Céline inseparable.


With the military jacket that we talked a while and leather pants, Zina. Yes, not living Fashionvibe nothing wrong and has proven so in each of its entries. His style does not change even if you begin a frenetic week of street style, and I like me.


From Song of Style found one of the most risky outfit full of prints and colors as various pintos. What do you think?


And finally we have Andy with his striking and unusual mixtures: longing for that sweatshirt Kenzo. Maybe if I say it often becomes reality: I want in my closet, I want it in my closet, I want it in my closet, I want it in my closet, I want it in my closet, I want it in my closet, I want her in my closet, I want in my closet, ...


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