Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mixtures impossible with honors result


I go back again: I see looks impossible and blends bold ... I love. I do not know if I would leave the house like them, but I find them visually daring, original and equally perfect. And I think: why not? One day is one day, and there are always opportunities to all. So if one day you wake to innovate a little bug in your styling, look at these girls who know a good time ...

And see that feather skirts do not like anything, but combined with 'jerseys lifetime' achieves a perfect combination. As if it were a voguette ...


Lumberjack shirt and skirt? Fringed leather? Yes, at first it seems that no glue or carpenter's glue, but once you see that it is possible to visualize this and more.


With pass VIP

The author of Atlantic Pacific has pass VIP mixtures in which odd and impossible to respect. She knows she has a charm that makes it special and harnesses the reef. Hers is style and everything else is nonsense.


And if the skirts are a garment that you like, you can innovate with pants. How? Look at her, is the best teacher he can be a fashion victim.


What look do you stay?

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