Monday, September 10, 2012

My World Philips, the new organization and management of Weblogs SL


Technology has come down to the smallest corner of our lives, whether from fashion to home, we ended up making it a more family without realizing and can not live without it. For all sorts of good uses of this technology have a new project company Weblogs SL, My World Philips .

Under the slogan "sense and simplicity" Philips proposes a lifestyle that makes us any daily task easier with six distinct areas and since Jared highlight some as life at home to care for children , through this interactive life where we are with music plugged playing sports or enjoying the best film with a good sound .

Philips In My World fashion plays a special role with always beautiful in which we talk about the best tricks for hair care or sensitive skin . A host of tips for making the most of technology in everyday life. Do you sign?

Official Site | My World Philips

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