Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Next stop Oxford St. The reason? The new collection (holiday) Primark


Yes, what can you do: London Primark is not the same as Primark Spain. Garments Y is molonguis who never come to our shops. And if they do is seen and unseen unprecedented. So all those that soon you may have planned to make a trip to the English capital must take into account its new collection of party: paillette much ideal for the Christmas season. The best part? Its price, I still hallucinate with their prices when I see these clothes.


With the rise to head sequin

Sequin is a material that evokes holiday season, and personally, whenever I see something I think it is great for Christmas. The truth is that luxury feel totally different with other garments and wearable like cowboy shirts. One way to take advantage of it all year, but I (currently) do not see myself with this combination.



The metallic shades are perfect to accompany paillettes and so we see from (almost) all their clothes. How are you staying? One of the things that caught my attention was this wool sweater with the sleeves on this item: make an interesting contrast and different. although I can not imagine how you must be the sleeves after using a few times.


Dare with a total look in sequins? Well maybe you fall for this set of blazer and shorts in silver or beige babydoll dress. What do you think?



Do the tissues that normally accompany this material? The chiffon and tulle. They give an air (even more) a holiday, is not it?



And if all you want are details in sequins and the total look that does not convince you, you can try with this discreet black dress with collar and cuffs in gold paillettes.


Traces of metal

Last year metallic shades adorned many of our days. Silver, bronze, gold and other colors were presented in a metallic. Contributed strength and distinction to our looks and seems to the British firm will not part with them. That's why we can find clothes that great and divine as this patterned minidress in another color. I want it!


Much more ladylike is this another model that contrasts with the black lace.


And to finish with this collection available in London, we find an outfit based transparent blouse and studs in his pockets and pants in midnight blue brocade dress.


Considering a trip to Oxford Street?

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