Thursday, September 6, 2012

Nieto Moses Spring-Summer 2012: Arab Spring


There is life after the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid and is called Madrid Fashion Show. The MFSHOW is an alternative to the usual runway where different designers show their proposals. The gateway has constitutional sponsors and private contributors thereby events corseted get rid of MBFWM .
Moises Nieto presented his new collection at the Telefónica building in the Gran Vía Madrileña. Many expectations and emotions to the surface in the atmosphere is palpable. The designer has presented a superb collection and stands as a great here and abroad.


The collection called "Dervich" Carousel is a Moorish-inspired pieces adorned with the brand Pandora beads, with which the designer is working on its 30th anniversary. Delicate fabrics and impeccable cut demonstrating their crafts and clothing industry of the same.



The sample collection gowns called "galabeyas" unusual elegance updated and addressing the Arab influence. The pristine white color palette and Tues blue dotted all garments giving a fresh and apparent simplicity. The print mode hydraulic tiles typical of Turkey is almost the only pattern we see. Neutral colors and ocher were seen in peplum skirts and slacks with movement.


Moses 6

The rich and simple fabrics like chiffon, poplin, organza, guipir realzaban garments in the female body showing the details of a perfect realization. Evening gowns dotted with beads and a transparent skirts give the models an elegant and ethereal sensuality.

Moses 4


Collection lines are faithful to the spirit of the designer, very marked up and down with large volumes. The model Nieves Alvarez closed an unforgettable parade.

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