Thursday, September 6, 2012

Nooooo! Do not fall into these stylistic errors of bloggers

I confess, I have made many stylistic errors but certainly that characterized my work when I started was: more is more. How wrong I was, more good complements a good look sometimes not result in something great. The bloggers also suffer from blunders, almost disaster but not commit us!

Sobran leftovers

Leftovers remain and always a good look when you start adding things to check out, the result is often catastrophic. Van An has made a rookie mistake, do not mix geometry with flowers, with touches of dominatrix (shoes) with pendiendes grandmother and Nefertiti necklace.

Living Las Vegas

I must say, for me it of FTBH has much to do with being in Las Vegas. Imitating Nabokov's Lolita is chachi but do so with all the clothes and accessories you catch, no.

I wear red

The colored block is fine but red sieeeeeempre not sit well with electric green.
Here missing or inches and centimeters skirt booty do not you think? A good look can derail a bad final choice.

Photos | Van An , Ebba , ftbh

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