Saturday, September 8, 2012

Obsessed with Christian Grey: I see it everywhere. Do you feel the same?


Finally it's Saturday! And that means I have all day (and night) to devote to my last book of 50 shades of Grey. Probably many of you will be not (really?), But almost everyone speaks of this trilogy. And if you're a staunch fan (like me) probably desperately seek Christian Grey all day. Well, my madness goes further and on each page I enter Internet is something that reminds me of him. Will the post-Grey syndrome? I need help ...

  • The first two books of the trilogy 50 shadows ...
  • Bollinger champagne bottle
  • Set of Agent Provocateur lingerie

The kit of a reader

As a reader I am, I've made ​​a mental kit so I would be imperative if Mr. Grey appeared in my life. A survival kit. Basic, but concise primer. What do you leave?


  • Dior Lingerie Blindfolds
  • Canali tie man
  • Gucci leather whip

Espósate as you like

Exactly, I leave most indispensable for last: the wives. How to make a nod to the novel without being noticed much? Sporting a complement to them as protagonists. One thing is clear: if you see someone wearing something similar is that you read the book like you!


  • Asos golden bracelet, 11'37 euros
  • Claire's Black Earrings
  • Green Collar limited edition (available in fuchsia) of Asos, 35'54 euros
  • Claire's Black Bracelet
  • Asos finite golden bracelet, 8'53 euros

Doctor, what's prescription against Grey syndrome? Give me a Christian to order, thanks.

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