Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Olivia Palermo continues to be the number one IT-girl

Olivia Palermo look

As divine as always, Olivia Palermo walks the streets of New York with animal print blouse, pleated skirt, gray handbag and ballerinas. Great and relaxed as she can only go despite having a busy life, modeling, designing and going to every party.

Can you imagine that you are taking pictures as you go out? I'd be hysterical, and look at her, is unfazed. Well, there you have it-girl wood. Never have a bad hair day, or you get a measly granite we comfort the other thinking "she is real and has its little defects, like the other". Though lowcost view, it is not like the other .

Olivia Palermo street

If you like how it goes, you can copy your look with this blouse with lace American Apparel, for 68 euros , and white skirt from Zara, which costs 29.95 euros , replacing the lace pleats and frills. Olivia The trick to this look is not resulting from demure secretary: gathered sleeves and wear very short skirt. The trick we know them, now we just need to work just as well as her.

olivia colalge

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