Monday, September 3, 2012

One of the most stylish rentrée, what a pleasure to work well!


Most of you today you begin (again) into work. Hard day where melancholy and fond memories are with you all day. 'Just a week ago was stretched on the beach with mojito in hand'. 'Just now I was alone in that cove and take in the view ...'. Enough of torturing! We are all equal, if it's any consolation, but despite having a bad mood we can not let that influence us when dressing. No! We'll always have fashion, so we must be positive.

True, depending on the work you wearing in one way or another. So these looks can not serve you, but you can adapt to your lifestyle or if you like, just wear them on weekends or holidays. And for those that the office (still) can go a little sport I encourage you to mix jeans with striped shirt and blazer. Yes! Sure hit.


If you are not released from its maxi dress can look that mixing your romantic side with you more warrior helps. I like the contrast, is understated at the same current. What do you think?


And, although this shorts are too short, you can opt for a mix (with more legs) with a blazer and a cotton shirt. Simply think this mix is ​​already winning.


Entúbate in your lap

Personally I think pencil skirts are ideal for a day at the office. Today is such a demand and supply are no longer boring, serious or greater. And they show us how? With printed models combined with brightly colored blouses and heeled sandals.


And if you prefer something less serious can opt for this version combined with white cotton shirt.


What you luck!

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