Monday, September 3, 2012

One Sunday marked by color in the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid

mbm_01 Roberto Torretta, Kina Fernández, Maya Hansen

After my mate Chloe analyze in depth yesterday parades Ailanto (I also ask all those) and Ana Locking , now it do a review of what was yesterday at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid. A name that holds endless talent unprecedented in the world of fashion. Martin Lamothe, Maya Hansen, Roberto Torretta ... Want to know more? Here is the most anticipated summary.

Roberto Torretta

Prom dresses of chiffon and satin dream all in bright and colorful perfect for summer. Roberto Torretta knows dress women of today and yesterday showed us so: I want summer back again to see these models on the street! If more do not, in any red carpet.

mbm_02 Roberto Torretta Spring-Summer 2013

Kina Fernandez

We continue with the burst of color from the hand of Kina Fernandez but this time mixed with the purity of white. Strapless necklines, necklines heart and mixes that make their models are all an object of desire to get into our wardrobe next season. What I can say? I like every one of their proposals.

mbm_03 Kina Fernandez Spring-Summer 2013

Ion Fiz / Maya Hansen

More variety paraded down the catwalk under the name Ion Fiz. Dresses with balloon skirt, sheer models and more rigid. Variety is the spice and the proof is this collection. Printed neutral colors like white and other warmer as pale pink, what option do you stay?

mbm_04 Ion Fiz Spring-Summer 2013

One of my favorites in the day yesterday was Maya Hansen. With Frida Kahlo as muse and inspiration, minidresses showed models full of lively prints that reminded me of the Greek designer Mary Katrantzou.

mbm_05 Maya Hansen Spring-Summer 2013

Marie Barros / Sara Coleman

And if Maya reminded me slightly Kantratzou Mary, Mary Barros proposals Lanvin reminded me. I assume this to be looking clones and inspirations for each week in the end I just affecting, but the truth is that the proposed designer clothes to dress stylish women of today. Are the shades? Dark and dull but feel great for the cool summer nights.

msm_06 Maria Barros Spring-Summer 2013

Sara Coleman offers us straight and sheer dresses or structured, but in shades great for the summer like turquoise or yellow. Is what I liked? Mixtures of colors in each of its models: garnet-blue-turquoise, navy, orange, etc.

mbm_07 Sara Coleman Spring-Summer 2013

Juana Martin / Martin Lamothe

A Spanish ladylike. Here's how it could summarize the Juana Martin designs where models paraded topos garments, skirts and ruffled mermaid cut minidresses peplum style.

mbm_08 Juana Martin Spring-Summer 2013

And finally a parade I was very aware of after watching the preparations showed Chloe : Martin Lamothe. This signature loves me, and I've been lucky enough to wear it on occasion. Does what caught my attention? His minidresses: always right with their proposals.

mbm_09 Martin Lamothe Spring-Summer 2013

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