Saturday, September 1, 2012

One, two, three, pilates! The gym of Oysho collection is here


Increasingly, which we signed up for the gym. To lose those extra kilos of the fantastic and wonderful holiday, to feel good about ourselves or to do something in the evenings and days we have unemployed. There are many reasons, but all fashion victim tries to be perfect in every possible occasion. That's why the signing of underwear and pajamas, Oysho, has launched a new special collection for the gym. Fishnet, cardigans, fasteners and other accessories that will make you to be the envy of your Pilates class.


And as each sport requires different clothing pieces are many of us here: leggings, sweatshirts fine cotton, lycra shirts that transpire, shorts, long sleeve shirts ... What do you need?


You might like about sports (I hate him but sometimes I force myself to feel good about myself) but one thing is clear: with this collection you will envy and the center of attention. Never a collection of sport had been so great.



For more discreet version's total look in black: no flames but you will not care a mess with clothes that have been plundering the house and is ranked # ropaquenomepongoperomepuedeservirdealgo drawer.



And if you want to follow those trends down pat even to go to lift weights, now you can with clothes in maroon. Yes! The color star of the season.



And if you are of that for this type of situation is left with shades of gray, do not worry! The signing gives us all kinds of proposals in these colors so discreet and divine.



Small details that make a difference

A must to attend the gym is the kind of underwear we wear: cuotidina normal and not useful. We need something to grip but we were not key, is why we must say goodbye to the ring fasteners. But if you're the one with chest, what to do? These models have much or little grip chest. It's perfect!


Besides designing graded garment not awful that you should only use it to burn. I like visually, do you?


The shoe also is basic, that is why the company has partnered (again) with the signing of Adidas sport to present these two models of sneakers. What do you think?



And finally an essential: the gym bag. Yes, this will be in line with your whole outfit.


Feel like stepping on the gym?

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