Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Or? Lusty Monica Bellucci at the Festival of San Sebastian?


Two bellezones have come to the film festival of San Sebastián. An international, more pasta and Italian dolce woman despite her very touch of man-eating vamp. The other is a national, younger and less stylish (that's what I add). Today in this particular duel of styles? Amaia Salamanca or Monica Bellucci?


I know, compare two such different women is not the best idea. The situations that are similar find themselves decide how to travel to the festival dressed as light bulbs on arrival, far from the red carpet? Monica opts for wide leg pants and black velvet jacket dark. Practical and wearable for a trip, she did not need more. Already entered in fatigues and ready to present his new film we see her clad in a black tuxedo.


The Lusty look on his arrival in San Sebastian is a succession of absurdities: a horrible and well worn combat boots would do well to anything that might accompany them.


In this case that accompanies it is equally unfortunate: sad color, clothes and fortunately viejunas and what saves him, smile and beauty of Amaia.

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