Sunday, September 9, 2012

Preparing for a fashion week is harder than the training of Rocky

Many times I have wondered why I am such a fan of The Man Repeller blogger. And I can only say: for such things. Prove it with facts is much better than trying to convince with words and here's an example. What if they were the Three Musketeers of fashion, Leandra Medine, Rebecca Minkoff and starring Hilary Rhoda (again) a video supercalifragilísticamente divine.

After watching this video I can assure you that these three girls leveling in my particular and I assure you that as BFF . Are the repera! The time of riding an electric machine with heels on while tweeting is most. Because the funny thing is that is this: as life with a touch of humor.

I believe that the world of fashion goes beyond the superficial and cold environment and can also be funny, fun and natural. For a straight fashion without you not look over your shoulder ... these girls live!

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