Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pull & Bear In simplicity intensifies for this Fall 2012


I never tire of repeating, but do well to keep in mind from time to time: not to go with your outfit dolled mean you're better than one that is simple. No. That's an urban legend of the great and we have shown many times in the past. And there are times when we have a day so simple that we do not want to think too much and we get everything done. Yes, that style never stays in the drawer of cool days. So Pull and Bear presents looks at first glance have nothing but the result is more than positive. Which do you stay?

Rainy days (or not)

Among the basic items that should not miss in your wardrobe I numbered a trench. And its use is timeless and even years pass whenever we need it. And I (still) I have none. It is always those things that I have in mind, but always need to buy it when I get stick and my mind wander to other garment. But when I see the result of your use love me, and now I'm (again) with the itch to buy one.


Stylish with minimum

It takes very little to be perfect. Just think where we're going. An afternoon of shopping? Is taking something with friends? Walking around the city?? In all these situations is required to go comfortably, but often forget that also adds style flat shoe. And here the example that anything is possible: with a striped shirt, a cigarette and some we will sumacumlaude slippers.


Fixed but casual

Sometimes (always happens to me) that I want to fix a little without ignoring that point informal. For this, a good example is this black miniskirt tank top combined with the same color and a cardigan different color. What do you think?


What look are you staying?

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