Monday, September 24, 2012

Red carpet worst dressed at the Emmys Gala 2012: not everyone could go right ...


What would we do without a list of the worst dressed! Yes, when there is a red carpet celebrities always noted for his radiant beauty and taste when choosing their dresses, but others that stand for the opposite. Whether the hair, clothing or any general, but not convinced and will make the bottom of the fashion lists. That's life and today we have chosen a few that could not pass the screening. Who was the worst dressed last night? Step right up, and comment. The controversy is served.

We started with Lucy Liu and disco ball dress. Vale metallics are on the rise, but that does not mean that anything goes. And that dress with silver sequin maxi only made ​​him look (as already said) a disco ball in the '80s. With how beautiful she is! A pity that no more will enhance its beauty with other clothing.

The same thing happened to January Jones last night. With how spectacular it is and how perfect is sometimes missed yesterday there something (although Natxo be of the best dressed). Maybe it was her Zac Posen dress with asymmetrical skirt or that hair slicked back. Or maybe the whole ...


The no where to take it is to co-star Christina Hendricks. Definitely not. And is that going crammed into a dress will not make you pass unnoticed ... backwards!


And with this girl I disagree with my colleague Natxo. He likes how it feels the Dolce & Gabbana to Elisabeth Moss, glitter me that cloth, with floral, draping and ruffles seem to me too much. Everyone knows that for taste colors, and we can not all agree.


Ariel Winter was not bad with this Katherine Kidd, but there is something in it that fails. I do not know if the pattern of the garment, the choice of footwear or simply was not his style, but the final assessment is not entirely positive. What do you think?


We continue with this list so peculiar and now it is the turn of actress Lena Dunham and Girls Prada lace. There's nothing wrong, but makes it look three sizes too big and that backing down.


Okay, I know that Zooey Deschanel me the game, but personally I think the result is too pompous. A Disney princess in real life. Does the dress? Very nice but too much sugar, do her hair? So, the result? Overdose.


Mayim Bialik did not say anything to her Pamella Roland. The décolleté is 'affected' by that necklace chains, which are fine but detract glamor to set. And what of the billowing sleeves ... Do not.


And scandal the necklines of Kat Dennings. The dress itself is fine, but too brazen and set those lips to make him look too vulgar.


What Christine Baranski has no name. When I have seen and have released a tremendous sound sorry? First and missed the second protocol, sorry, but not old enough to go much leg showing. Do not you think?


Phoebe Price Lo has no 'price' ... Flywheels, asymmetry, orange flowers and shoes. Olé you.


Ashley Judd had a fateful night by choosing her dress with a neckline that was too big and a huge hairstyle. Who was your hairdresser? Is your worst enemy?


Sofia Vergara was very ... it. Very tight and very brilli brilli.


The problem of Michelle Dockery were wrinkles of her dress to an event you have to go flawless.


And Nicole Kidman ... Many will say it was the prettiest, but I never liked his style. You know these things: you either love or hate, and I opted for this last.


Who deserves to win the title for worst dressed?

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