Tuesday, September 25, 2012

River Island Autumn-Winter 2012/2013: all empaquetas me to go? Thanks


More collections to be reckoned with! I'm addicted to internet shopping, that's why I always look at brands that in our country there are for sale (or very few shops of them). And between my monthly search is River Island: low prices, cool designs and shipping minimum. What more could you want? A perfect lookbook, takes longer!


Under the name of Chelsea girl, this collection has that English that I like. I admit, there are clothes that I would wear, but still see it and like it. Although one thing is clear: I am aware that in the model image and gives a very different result if I put yo ...



My companion Fellow fashion and we announced a few months ago: the monkeys are coming back into . And we propose a signature very teen cowboy model if you know how you can take great lay.


The impossible mixes the left for other more daring, I am one of those who do not gamble much in winter and are carried away by the black and gray.


Abrígame much!

A few weeks ago already slept with duvet, and that the temperatures have dropped minimally. So you can get an idea of the cold that came to pass at that time that we go to. So I have an obsession with wool sweaters and heavy jackets that make the cold does not get into my skin.


And the black will always be part of the collections, we can break the monotony with models that mix the color with white lace on the front. What do you think the outcome of this jersey?


But if you need the water color as May, coral color may be present in your days happier.


And if you spend so cold like me: do you dare with a coat of long hair? I still do not ...


Wear a dress

In summer are the star items ... And in the winter as well. The dress is no longer synonymous with good weather, sunny and warm. No, it is easy to combine a garment and ultra feminine. That's why River Island offers us a thousand styles to find the one that best suits our lifestyle.



But always the same question, how to combine? Tights (obviously) and boots or slippers, the best combination!



Smooth or stamped: all combinations are good for your daily wear.



Do you like everything as much as me?

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