Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Rodarte Spring-Summer 2013: the future warrior

Rodarte Spring 2013

Let them others look back, I'll look to the future. Which if retro style , if inspiration in the '50s, in the '60s, in the '70s ... and fashion gra and turns on itself without advancing boredom often!. But few designers go further and insist on that fashion evolve, grow, change, amend, but never, never die. Rodarte future looks very warrior for the upcoming Spring-Summer 2013.

A new urban tribe

They look straight out of the movie Mad Max. Our warriors look fringed epaulettes as a shell, oversize clothes or tight dresses, but not afraid of anything or anyone. Birth of a new urban tribe, who crave these jackets giant with strange symbols versioned see other firm. The shaven head to one side and slopes covering the entire ear, a la Alice Dellal are the hallmark of this new tribe.

Rodarte Spring 2013

In short, drawing the waist

The short dresses and miniskirts are raised with the main star award. Dresses different, suggesting that strong women make the carries.

Rodarte Spring 2013 3

Long dresses, the prom queen rebels

Usually I hate night gowns. What are you saying? will think. Well, I hate to give the impression of a helpless princess, and most evening gowns give you that image. And nothing more boring than being typical and topical. So I prefer these dresses that are sexy, are divine, but do not have much to do with classic gowns.

Rodarte Spring 2013

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