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Spanish fashion is far from 2.0

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Fleeting changes experienced in recent years have led to a chance to adapt any market the business itself. Social networks have been a tool in the difficult path to retain consumers, sometimes as far away from certain brands or designers who do not even know. I am struck by the limited use of Twitter by most designers of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week London, discarding a very good chance of making more noise then many regret not having by the media and the public.

Of the 46 designers or brands parading between the official gateway MBFWM , The EGO and OFF 32 have a Twitter account easily identified (the same I've left the rest but I have not managed to find). Of those 32 there are very few assets, not even half, not even the 10 seats if we are more strict.

The brand has to be close


To highlight the good incorporation of DELPOZO as a brand with a formal account that has not been lost with details of its release Josep Font. Interact with people who believe the messages retuitean convenient, rose several pictures of the parade and some invited and we were putting the long teeth with a photograph of the previous cases stored in looks.


Etxeberría Roberto also has a very high activity level, sharing their parade, the views generated by this and retuiteando to a high number of people who mentioned. It is the busiest of all.


Martin Lamothe has also made ​​us live near the parade and when the MBFWM . Fashion is picture and they know it well. They shared with great detail nerves prior to the parade, the finishing touches, looks and even how the dresses were left without any stripe uncomfortable. A good job they were able to give the advantage of Twitter as a tool to expand their brand.


Maya Hansen is one of the best examples in the use of Twitter as a tool. A constant dialogue with those who say you updates with abundant and repeated images so you can enjoy what others are doing in person.

The lack of communication


While the overall trend is in the best brands cover all possible networks, from Facebook to Pinterest or Instagram , in the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid remain top brands to communicate even in these spaces that the public You can find them for not having to reach them by intermediaries.

Not surprising to find Miguel Palacio, Victorio & Lucchino or Duyos, among others, as well as the limited upgrade other brands have an account but almost use, as in the case of Devout & Lomba although the president of the Association Fashion Creators of Spain ( ACME ) Has repeatedly stressed the need to adapt to new technologies, one of the challenges of Spanish fashion.

Some people do have account but is no use whatsoever, as Ana Locking with zero tweets.

From many accounts continue to resort to the tactic of joining Facebook, a network in which many brands are more comfortable, and Twitter being the background several times, so if you go to the link redirects you to another social network, a tactic quite upset and it is better to change.

While at the time spoke of overexposure fashion social networking brands amazes me how they could grow an audience not used to them so interesting that time wasted. Good example of Maya Hansen in social networks should be copied by the rest of young and veteran designers. A greater communication with your audience, without the need to burn the trends and collections. More than just a Twitter ad, such as Agatha Ruiz de la Prada , among other examples.

Given the repeated complaints of the limited role given to the Spanish fashion the means to earn their own audience in the best way they can do. Fashion has long since ceased to be a commodity market to become a market selling a lifestyle, a sale of the ideal and aspiration to be something or live certain experiences. That's where many of these designers could find some consumers who say hello, how are you, I will not complain much and instead I will offer interesting details to discover me as a trademark. And then when they become Tom Ford may reject communication and close the shell that everyone will want to go to, but now it is they who will move into the consumer touches.

You can follow the Spanish designers participating in the MBFWM in our Twitter list .

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