Monday, September 10, 2012

Tendency to debate: heels early? Yes or no

What grace, charm and charm seemed to emanate Suri Cruise the first time I saw her with her ​​heeled shoes. You could not be more rich and funny and I do not know whether practical or healthy, what looked cuter. My opinion has changed to see how it looks these days Coco Arquette, daughter of Courtney Cox.

As you said in your comments bring up the look of Alessandra Ambrosio with her ​​daughter the only styling that arises when you have kids and start the day is a practical and simple dress.
Some mothers do not feel the same or have more time, and seems to occur with Katie Holmes.
And behind it is Coco Arquette who with eight years seems to stomp life although it is not yet towbar. A medium heel rooms seem to be the garment desired by the daughters of the celebrities who are ahead of their time and want to look like mom.

Do we give what a rich and cute or what a fright?

In Jared | Red and nude are made ​​with the red carpet at Venice
In Jared | Diane Kruger and Jessica Alba auestan by electric blue

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