Saturday, September 22, 2012

The dancers Pretty Ballerinas more punk

Pretty Ballerinas tacks

New trends mixed with Gothic influences Punks mid 70's again take to the streets of major fashion capitals. Pretty Ballerinas loves this trend and has been adapted into two creations.

Studs, spikes, leather, nets, lace and seize transperencias models that look the streestyle, where black is the absolute king of the day and night.

Pretty Ballerinas

Marilyn rock till you drop is a dancer studs designed for the followers of the trend of hard rock, punk and tacks, but without losing that special and pretty feminine touch. Designed in a low-cut black suede last and notable for the layer tacks that covers the entire toe. And is that the studs are the details that you see in all kinds of garments.

Marilyn swirly black suede studs, is the same design of fine lace ballerina but a spirit romatico-gothic. The studs are scattered forming a heart ballerina claiming punk trend.

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