Thursday, September 27, 2012

The day came G: Sarah Jessica Parker as editor of Vogue in Glee


It's official, Sarah Jessica Parker returns to our lives and even more our longed Carrie. Living like it like it is possible but we miss his adventures festivaleras and fashionistas around Manhattan. Not but today Carrie Glee finally show the presence of Sarah Jessica Parker as fashion editor of Vogue.

She is Isabelle Klempt, editor of (what is now chachi be publishing online, if you had not noticed) and so far this is the first image that diffuses the episode that will be broadcast in North America today. For such necessity appears that Sarah has been advised in the very stylist Anna Wintour. Could it be that their publishers have to meet certain requirements?

In Jared | Do not forget Carrie Bradshaw: do you want your home, your home?
In Jared | First image of Sarah Jessica Parker on the set of Glee

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