Saturday, September 22, 2012

The dusty tones (or cake) for H & M will join us this fall, do you accept?


I'm the first to fall into the typical belief that pale and pastel colors are for spring-summer. Not true, and H & M has proven so in his new collection of Fall 2012. The blue sky and are the undisputed stars nude in clothing shelter. What I can say? I love the gray and black, but occasionally feels great to break up the monotony of these shades so classic.

And, if the garment is presented with some kind of pattern the better: something unusual but wonderfully divine to wear in cold time where start doing some tricks.


Do you worship the gauzy blouses? Then you'll love this: is one of those that at first glance there is nothing special but once set home with everything and serves to Arabian times.


Do you dare?

Although for the signature dares to throw coats in these tones. A jersey is normal but would you dare to wear a coat in blue or pale pink? The truth is that I like what I see, but I'm too classical for this type of clothes and prefer more toned 'lifetime'. For its price always ends up being high and (a personal way) think that you have to give a lot of use. And in a color well, the second time he lights you may already have tired of it, right?



Are you going to decant for some of these items?

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