Monday, September 3, 2012

The exclusive collection of Zara will not see in Spain

Zara Special Collection

The September 12, Zara will release a collection of exclusive accessories for each of its three lines: Basic, TRF and Woman. But for those of us in Spain, this special edition will be a seen and unseen because the company has decided not to sell in Spain.

Zara Special Collection

The collection will consist of 50 shoes and 50 bags of each line, and can only be purchased in four stores: in New York in the shop with 666 Fifth Avenue, in which the firm is in London's Bond Street, in Paris on the Rue St Honoré and in Milan in the street shop so Vittorio Emanuele 11.

Zara Special Collection

A shame that when it comes to special editions commercialize Zara does not have a store in Spanish as could be to Marineda City, the closest store to the headquarters of the company that opened the new store design even before the New York and appears to be the "girl's eyes will" of Inditex.

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