Friday, September 7, 2012

The garments and essential work for a comeback

Work is a vital requirement in some cases pleasure. We spend so much time in the office sometimes is our second home but our first. And with our wardrobe is the same. Our job duties and how much space occupy dress in our wardrobe styling as our field, beach or city.

Today I offer you the options necessary for the work you will be less tired, bland, less heavy costumes and working protocol in dress less boring. We started with some black pants and male clips, accompanied by a beige living room looks like Van An.
Mireia gives samples of how to dress halftime: trends in summer but in autumn tones. Yes pleated skirt in gray too.
Indispensable this fall, Mirea also shows one of the supplements it: get yourself a cutting salons heeled loafer.
Tired of bland jerseys in beige or black? Get one bicolor, the weekend and what you look mod style.

Photos | Van An , My daily style

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