Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The iPhone covers more 'in' the moment

iph_01 Chiara Ferragni and bear Gennarino Moschino

Today everyone has one (or more) mobile phones. Do not know how to live without them and the market is separated into iPhone who is and who is not. And firms go crazy with the Apple product, that is why it is very common to find in their collections accessories designed to decorate it. How could it be otherwise, the bloggers conjoined your outfit with your mobile phone. and like it or not, create trend ...

Or so it seems to me after watching a few seasons ago to Chiara Ferragni founded the famous rabbit. after she has been an invasion of ears and pompoms as the original is one who carries it.


But there for all kinds of tastes and moments: Gary Pepper is a fan of the most famous cat in these times. So do not hesitate to show off her huge case of Kitty. Yes, it is located behind a mobile phone.


Looking for discretion?

But firms are staking a timeless and wearable models, making the logos appear in an arbitrary and mix in a host of colors. Which do you stay?


  • Marc by Marc Jacobs, for 35 euros
  • Hearts Full of Diane Von Furstenberg, for 30 euros
  • Black and the name and silhouette of Karl Lagerfeld, for 40 euros
  • The many faces of Lanvin, for 50 euros
  • Fantasy balloons Swash, for 50 euros

Right now I'm staying with my transparent silicone ...

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