Sunday, September 16, 2012

The madness of Terry (Richardson) again this campaign Aldo


Speaking of Aldo and advertising campaigns is something that is worthless without mentioning the man who is, season after season, behind the target. And if these pictures have anything to do with bright, crazy, bananas or something we can not avoid thinking about Terry Richardson. Eureka! Yes, for this Fall-Winter 2012/2013 shoe firm has recurred (come back) to him.

Does the protagonist? This time there was another that Anais Pouliot repeats again with the signature and photographer, but sometimes has attended Jessica Stam.


On the heights

The infinite platforms and heels are probably one of the most obvious hallmarks of signature shoe. A variety is presented for this new season we find models so bold as these: yellow and covered with a fine black lace.


Already maintenance platforms impossible? For those who have always dreamed of shoes in the style of Lady Gaga now you can look around. Of course, experience is required, but the ride can be a high-risk sport.


But if you're in for this season is to decant the red or, in its variant, the garnet now you're in luck. Spiked Stilettos, flat or platform, with which of them you prefer?




Advancing Christmas

Although we find it impossible, firms already thinking Christmas. We are still with a slight taste of this past summer on our lips but when we least expect ... Wham! Everything will be decorated with holiday spirit. From there to present us with models such as glam as gold.


Even if you prefer to opt for this other model with oriental motifs.


Well, what do you think the end result?

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