Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Man Repeller: The Carrie (Bradshaw) 2.0


Carrie Bradshaw has marked a before and after in most of us. Her crazy outfits, daring and even made ​​us dream fantasy world in a different fashion. We all wanted to keep it as a reference and it has. But was it possible that someone in the world was she like? If I had to give the title of Carrie Bradshaw would give him Leandra Medine. Yes, the author of The Man Repeller well deserves the title.

There is a beauty from you at first sight as can Chiara, Olivia and all others. But his passion for fashion goes further explained on more than one occasion that it comes from rather small. True, he was born in the heart of a wealthy family, so this passion has been able to grow year after year.


At age 8, on a summer holiday in the South of France, fell in love with a coat of $ 1,000. His obsession was such that his parents bought him and ... not pulled him off on all these days! Yes, the beach in coat for something his parents had spent that amount on it.


How did your blog?

After several failures sentimental, and in one of the endless chats with her ​​friends one of them let go. 'Can not you see why you left? Look at the way you dress, the guys do not like this. ' And it was clear there when ever in life was going to change his dress for a man. (Bravo). She is as is, and if someone does not like, do not look.


Is what I like about your site? Today blogs have lost their way. Most bloggers are to get all the current trends in new clothes and fresh from the store. No, she does not care what you say Anna Wintour: it looks like regardless of whether it is trending or not. And this is reflected in their outfits.


Clearly, you can like his style more or less, but what I do not deny is that it is 100% authentic. Do you think you deserve to have the title of Carrie Bradshaw 2.0?

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