Monday, September 24, 2012

The most sophisticated couples Emmy: style sticks?

The red carpet at the Emmy 2012 has taken place surrounded by glamor and sophistication. Right or wrong is easy but first, when you arm besides your wife or your mistress is doubly difficult. They make it easy ...

Julianne Moore would easily although arm posase Beast Disney. Spectacular separately but also from the hand of director Bart Freundlich. Men have very little room for originality, nonexistent when Johnny Depp is not the place, but this couple is perfect.
Kevin Cosnter, his career ups and downs but he gives equally interesting is that at the time of Revenge. Having your hand to a woman flag also helps and takes the top of the couples with more charm.
Ashley Judd to have a little extra will toupee but we forgive him seeing her pose with Dario Franchitti, with hair more casual but decidedly better, with added vitamins and smile pristine suit and shoes.
The light gauze dress Amanda Peet cake fits perfectly with the suit and tie slim fine David Benioff even a red carpet in this category deserves a better suit pressed and settled in the body. Something seems that they have been glued to each other, the position is not appropriate, both drawn forward with little pose.
If we are not sure what I mean do not you see better in this great picture of Jon Hamm impeccable tuxedo? The class does not stick, it has multiplied and in this case the presence of two of his fellow Mad Men Elisabeth Moss.
Sometimes neither the style nor height, nor the carrying sticks. Being opposite Nicole Kidman in a red carpet must be difficult and sometimes impossible to Keith Urban fully keep up with her ​​Antonio Berardi.
To end the second best match of the night. Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres, both spectacular.

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