Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The New York emerging brands of which you will hear about shortly (II)

Ohne, Rubin, Zero Ohne Titel, Zero + Maria Cornejo, Rubin & Chapelle.

I continue with the review of the sixth day of Fashion Week in New York regarding brands Trendencias not so common in and among the general public. There are three that I liked a lot, such as Zero + Maria Cornejo, Ohne Titel and Rubin & Chapelle. Let's see what they do in the future.

Zero + Maria Cornejo, not looking back


Maria Cornejo has been going a long time with your project Zero + Maria Cornejo, particularly since 1998. Stylish school near the Antwerp Fashion Academy, minimalism, game forms, prevailing cold tones before the warm, zipper details and oriental inspiration with modern fashion without having to leering at the 50 or 60.

Ohne Titel, did someone say casual chic?

ohne titel

The casual chic, the label given to debates whose eternal controversy, is fashionable in specific brands and stores or headers which follow. If Alexander Wang has won a prominent place in this environment, Ohne Titel could follow in the footsteps of this style. Behind him Alexa Adams and Flora Gill whose ideas are on the road opposite the romance of princesses in castles. From their 2013 summer collection I prefer the geometric version to Gareth Pugh before the play of colors.

Rubin & Chapelle, elegant simplicity


The designs of Rubin & Chapelle (Sonja Rubin and Kip Chapelle) do not draw attention to first for his extravagance, or by their novelty, let alone for his use of color or some additional innovation. Theirs is to mix the style of Calvin Klein Collection and Maison Martin Margiela with something accessible and Donna Karan. The result is a mix of large proportions, prom dresses with plunging necklines, minimal ruching at the waist as a sign and a finish that conveys elegance. It seems easy.

Wes Gordon, blessed by Michelle Obama

wes gordon

Michelle Obama chooses designer, designer who has made a certain way. For the summer has shown a mix which suggests too many fronts. It is a modern collection that blends the casual touches for all ages with mermaid cut skirts and transparent tops. Bizarre, yes. More cake mixed with dark colors. Gauze, at times Aires Valentino dresses according to ... No point just found his style too ambiguous.

Carlos Miele, ethnic taste

Carlos Miele

Etro is the antithesis of my style, so I may not like me, while I encourage you to follow if you have not aupándole anything better to do. And of course, Carlos Miele reminds me too much to the Italian firm. Saltan alarms, closed my eyes and say no, we no longer here, Sobrado. I leave it to you.

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