Monday, September 24, 2012

The shirts (and boots) of Isabel Marant cause rage among low-cost firms


- Hello good morning, how much is the shirt with flowers?
- 620 euros
- What about the boots?
- 690 euros
- Have a good day

This would be (more or less) to keep the little conversation with the clerk of Isabel Marant if one day come into his store. No, but I love to signature'm not willing to pay such a sum of money for a garment. A shame because I really like, but until you touch me I can not think EuroMillions delve into the boutique. Fortunately for some (unfortunately for others) low-cost firms work hard to bring similar pieces that we (the mileruristas, or even that) can access them.

Yes, it is a reality, the French a couple of seasons ago that it is petando: any collection that takes, is cloned. And me happier than a partridge. I already have the phenomenon Willow / Bekett, but not the only thing that is cloned. Their shirts cowboy air are best, do you want one for much less? Look at what goes in your pocket and you'll have the answer.


And H & M we have two models for you to choose the one that best suits you: in black and long sleeves with white, or black and electric blue sleeveless embroidered. Both cost 19'95 euros.


Think with your feet

But although (as already said) this year his sneakers with hidden platform have been the main star of his collection (launched although the last few seasons), his boots cowboy inspired also like.


So much so that more and more models that we meet along the shops of our country. And you, as a couple lights like these?


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