Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The top 5 shopping for fashionistas that are not complicated

Fashion trends are like restaurants: there are many, of all and for all, but without any recommendation we pay dearly. A writer, specials trends fashion magazines sometimes choke him with many suggestions, tips, impositions, that make you think but what has not? The street looks more stylish and new trends what are we waiting although we practice?

One calls from here a less is more: please divídanme trends between 5 and my spending to renew my wardrobe will not be multiplied by ten.


Because if it takes the color pink and ocher or oxblood what about tissues? The king of the season and not so fit is repeated as brocade. Designers like Dolce Gabbana have praised despite its baroque in times of bailouts and bad times. It's not about spending a lot on this trend, it is very tiresome and impractical. Let's get this wonder Asos and although pattern seems brocade.
This one in the collection of Paula Echevarría for White.

Hair Jacket Sleeve

From jackets with leather sleeves Burberry is copied and are now up in the soup are tired. We want news!
Most sleeves are natural or synthetic hair that we recommend in Fendi ...
Hard to find?? A thousand leather jackets and no hair? Topshop Head over and find this coat. Another option is to do it yourself: we need another coat of hair and synthetic hair to sew!

Oxblood look overall network

Oxblood or burgundy red with a touch of brown. Peter Som, DKYN , Alexander Wang ... bet on them. If you go over the red cherry, find this wonder in Mango.


Yes, it takes a thousand seasons but let us say again as the catwalks and in a demure but nothing excessive. Incredible Asos dress suitable for lovers only excesses.

Blue and black

Another a priori combinations sound odd to us. A Zara sounds great and has created a beautiful look with feather skirt sweater with applications.

Photo | Fifi Lapin

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