Monday, September 10, 2012

The Willow-Zara already here. At last!


I am proud and pleased to say: fashionistas of half the planet, the Willow-Zara TRF already here. We can show them off, at last! When did this happen? Throughout this weekend. It all started with a comment from our reader Mylovelybaby5 and ... wham! It broke my temporary insanity inside. Do I or do not I? Do you really need them? Do you run out in less than a jiffy?

The fashion victim in him was biting their nails trying to find enough reasons to make it faster to shop for them. Ah yes! Because the problem is still not in shop. After much debate, I called the local store and I had booked. No more. She was determined. But once there, physically seeing them I realized that the queue had about five other girls with them. This means that the original did not go with them, and pay for them 59'95 euros to know that when you leave me like we would store all pulled back.


For one thing I regret because I see them and I love them! But then I know you'll find something different and a little more original. Do you already have you done with them?

Photos | My lovely baby 5
In Jared | Finally! Willow (Isabel Marant) I present to your best clone (of Zara TRF )
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