Thursday, September 27, 2012

The world's most expensive dress

I posed a conundrum. Let's put on the table the dress has been called the world's most expensive. Do we imagine what designer, what it would cost, why? As much as I imagine it not be right.

The dress of yore has been presented at the Fashion Week in Ukraine and is the British designer Debbie Wingham.
No, not sound, not on high fashion parades and has taught McQueen but 50 carats of black diamonds with which has made ​​the dress make it the most delicious and expensive in the world. Priced at € 5 million I doubt any celebrity, much cache you have, can be done with this nonsense superfluous has already entered the Guinness Book and has been defined by the creator as "The Hymn of a beautiful woman who loves life. "

In these fights are ridiculous when we learn that in this and that there are categories in terms of cocktail dress, the most expensive is a design with 85 diamonds and costing $ 15 million.

13 kilos of vestidido and many more of the embarrassment that grips me to have this.

Via | Daily Mail

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