Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Things you will soon not be able to resist me, Will you?


My credit card hates me, is that every now and leave it in the bones. Power 0. Oooooohhh what penaaa! Poor thing, but what I have because I do not stop firms to launch clothes that I can not resist? And every time I give a tour of the online stores (almost every hour) of my excel hojos two hearts become larger. Yes, I fall for the vast majority of things I see, that's why I consider myself a fashion victim penniless.

With Zara behind me

Yes, I know, Zara is a paradise on earth for me. You go into one of their stores and feel at home. I feel comfortable and everything I propose not like, I love. And these four things have gone directly to my wishlist for this Fall-Winter 2012/2013. Agree??

  • Silk biker jacket
  • Sudadedara black wires, 49'95 euros
  • Laced shoes with applications, 89'95 euros
  • Off white sweatshirt with the sleeves applications, 49'95 euros

With B of Bershka

In each store there is something that I particularly like, and I'll Bershka its range of biker boots. Even if I have to choose one among all of them do it with the model with two metal strips. As with the jacket: nude nappa biker style.


White and cylinder

White is a store that increasingly attracts me, and see that I must admit that before little was what I liked. But their jackets away from me crazy and makes my desire for them to grow more and more, and more, and more.


H & M my name

It is fully understood my love of the clones, especially when they are inspired by Isabel Marant. So to see these clothes for H & M (sweater and skirt) I can not help but to desire to have in my closet. And the jersey of paillettes ... Well, a delight.


  • Jersey with applications, 24'95 euros
  • Miniskirt garnet, 24'95 euros
  • Jersey electric blue paillettes, 99 euros

Mango, a must

Countless proposals is what I find in Mango: warm clothes, dress and dress shoes for my feet. Yes, variety is the spice and it seems that the firm's knowledge.


Pull and Bear, a temptation

And finally my stop I do in Pull and Bear. A firm that appeals to many young people and their prices are very reasonable, what makes your clothes become increasingly desirable.


Mission impossible for me with all this, but something (however minimal) will fall. We agree on some clothes??

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