Monday, September 17, 2012

Topshop eighties and spirit for this Fall-Winter 2012/2013


Topshop comeback and renewed energy. Or rather recycled. And in its new catalog for this winter 2012/2013 we can not overlook the obvious clear air queen 80s throughout his collection. So if you are one of those that loved the Nasty Gal lookbook it can also be to your liking. And if not, maybe find a piece from the entire collection is the key to all your outfits. Who knows ...


Furor at metal

The shiny fabric like a lot of people, though I do not share this taste. And not only in accessories like shoes but also clothing. We can find this trend in metallic pants combined with a pink hooded sweatshirt. What do you think of the combination?


Although you may want to be practical with a 2 × 1: biker vest (increasingly fashionable) in metallic turquoise. Combined with a pair of white sport I do not like at all (but likes the colors), but if I present him with a cigarette and a simple cotton shirt basic thing could change ...


Although this application packed minidress love me: with backless and long sleeves. It is ideal for special nights like Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve, though it is still early to decide what we're going to get, right?


And if you you have not yet tired of the tacks, perhaps this model is to your liking. Personally I remember one of the dresses presented by Versace x H & M, what do you think?


Stamped Territory

Patterns like a lot, but sometimes we must monitor what or how to combine them. So let us combine them with some other prints, but there are some prints that alone should go alone (or non-existent) ...


Maybe we choose geometric shapes with bright colors.


But if you're like the prints but not on a large scale, perhaps this look goes with you. Not that combine the top with pencil skirt, but this one with a shirt you can sit beautifully.


Call me modest

But such a collection is full of contrasts but, that is why among so many pieces find temporary insanity 'simple' but divine as this dress with fringe full skirt.


And if you love tweed British firm has also thought of you.


What do you think the end result?

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