Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Trends Fall-Winter 2012/2013: yes that will warm coats in winter


Not a good time for those who seek a shelter for women as on the catwalk. Have jumped on this a number of broad options, proportions and falls that are the opposite figure look. More typical of male wardrobes of yours. One thing is clear: this time it wraps itself heated in winter.

Chloé, femininity under large layers


Chloé will always offer a feminine and kind of city woman, casual enough so under large blankets and hide layers keeps this idea. Above layers converted into coats, coats to the knee beyond plummeting materials and mixtures.

Chanel, the hot feísmo


Although the most repugnant expression and inclusion of the homeless as "trend" fashion (just leave an editorial in some magazine that exploits this further ...) coats this season we could associate with such people converted to long coats . Chloé itself has some of that and Chanel no less. Inspiration can strike at any time but ...

Vivienne Westwood, a whole

vivienne westwood

Most of what he said earlier. The scruffy look we see on the left could pass for that of a person who is at his worst but not meet you in Vivienne Westwood surprised. Tables, pleats, satin and ways in which to shelter a group of friends.

Yves Saint Laurent, without losing his composure

Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent maintains his style and a clear commitment for what could be one of the trends that make the difference between those who will last and who is not (so happy all). Coats with a forearm to the air. The vests were left behind.

Costume National above

National Costume

Another style details that you see in some brands is the idea of ​​wearing the upper garment coat or just above the shoulders, without making use of the sleeves, let alone go to the garment closed. Uncomfortable? A little.

AF Vandevorst, the Belgian case do


The outerwear AF Vandevorst will also look over on the shoulder. Either he plays the dismissal of a sleeve and another ... yes? Biggest surprise than a single coat.

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