Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Victoria's Secret: the "victory" for the fiascos (photoshop and racism)


I do not know how they do it. The photoshop fiascos are just around the corner from any magazine worth its salt ( I love descubriroslos ) and not free nor Vogue Paris or a Barneys catalog. But if there is a firm that is repeated repeats Victoria's Secre t. Now, the scandal lost Candice chest is joined by an accusation of racism. Victoria's Secret seems that, unlike the jam-book by Rhonda Byrne, does not work.


These days we witness stunned coomo creative heads of the firm, that maybe are thinking more about that in a garter belt currele have gotten back leg, chest here. Candice Swanepoel appears in one of the last images of its catalog without a breast, and that when it comes to announce the multi-way bra bra that achieves a swollen chest like the ladies who accompanied the Sun King, is a more serious error than Natalie Portman has given about looking blonde horreour!

As the bad news never come alone but always good company and with all possible offspring, the firm has just been accused of being racist for his last campaign, also with Candice, that associates the figure of the Geishas with the splendor and sensuality women more feminine.

Go East, and is called the line has already been withdrawn by the criticism to "the use of Asian women as the best source for men's sexual fantasies"

This "ticket to an exotic adventure" as advertised themselves has been canceled and ordered to return without luggage or pride. At this point one wonders Are not geishas, ​​yes indeed, the best source of male sexual fantasy? Having said clearly that concern geishas, ​​extrapolate this concept to the entire Asian woman is a bit excessive.

Via | Huffington Post

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