Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Viewing Magazine H & M dress I wander signature and Central Park ...


I admit it: I have a problem. Because if I had my way need a department store to house all the clothes I like to buy, should I change at least four times a day, and still not have enough time to show off all the clothes. And every time a company launches a catalog I fall sick with love. No, mine is not normal. But is that outfits like the last of H & M magazine is not surprising ...


Does the scenario? Central Park. Are the outfits? Following the trends of the moment. Some are more adventurous than others, but you know in fashion: there are people for everything. With more and less personality.


But even though many of the outfits I would never proposed to go outside, I like to see them on the screen and give me other ideas as what clothes to match. Yes, everything has to be able to draw on the positive side.



On the trail of the trend

What are we going to bring in a few weeks? Dark colors like maroon. Bingo! This shade is the star for many low-cost firms.


The can mix with red, black, nude or pink. Gives total freedom to your imagination and see how you get a perfect combination for autumn days.


Although you can opt for a more orange and mix the items with other tribal stamping. The effect is great and you manage to get a great outfit for a weekend in the mountains (shoes not included).


Unleash your temporary insanity with this black and white option based striped jersey, pants and clutch tribal alphabet soup. Too much? Yes, but surprisingly I like how it fits the model.


We also find options for work-based skirts and pants houndstooth pattern in brown with a hint garnet. Ideal!


And if all you want are party looks can opt for the combination of black and animal print or a total look in gold. With which of the two you prefer?



Although I stick with clothes emblazoned with landscapes ... I like! Although I do not know if I'll be able to wear a garment like these.


What do you think the new proposals?

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