Friday, September 7, 2012

Vogue Fashion's Night Out 2012: a good idea because it is not so


The almighty Anna Wintour created the Vogue Fashion's Night Out to encourage people to shop is after September 11. The idea is simple: shops open until 12 pm and offer discounts, parties, concerts, dj, promotions and gifts to everyone you pass by the shops. Celebrities are also encouraged to enjoy and profit from their image VFNO . A different and fun night that gives life to the streets of the city. The initial idea was that people would be encouraged to buy but this idea has led to quite another for better or for worse

Levi's Levi's
c Calvin Klein
kling Kling

Last night I decided to take a turn in the center of Madrid to make a photo and see with my own eyes that passed in the VFNO It was my second time and disappointment ran through my veins. In times of crisis distractions "free" is an incentive to leave home and have a good time but of course the people do not take that night to buy clothes even if you have a discount. Walk crowded stores and you can buy anything. Even if you are only going for a walk is agony into a store or walking down the street.

Rituals Rituals

So that initial idea so fantastic, in my opinion, has become a bit of a circus with clowns and many little incentive. Is the premise outfit look, see and be seen the rationale. For a drink (free) you have to queue to make a photo at a photocall also to buy there tail, to give you a "gift" eternally the same and so much fun ... On that night it does not seem to compensate.

Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Hilfiger
White White

Another issue is the benefit that take brands and Vogue. It is publicity and money, something logical and normal in the fashion world. Respectable 100% the people who decide to spend a night with friends, get pretty and go out for a walk, that essence is what I like, not buy, because obviously it's complicated ... The fashion party should be taken as merely fun, frivolous and of no great importance. 'And you who think?

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