Friday, September 28, 2012

We were not expecting but came Audrey Tautou. No claims have also cool


How is brewing and consolidates a reserved matter it is girl I can not understand. It happens, as many have commented, that Alexa Chung gives me hives (almost) always, but they have reached the podium and not falling for it. In that place has never been Audrey Tautou but why?


Surely it is not interested. Mona look every day to go to buy bread is hard and tiring. She is not usually catch in such things rolling but in this case his new film in Chinatown.

Look elegant with a simple shirt and beige skinny jeans is not something that happens to us all and less if we take some simple rope sandals. Audrey bet for you, expect more looks safe streets which, if you bother a bit, you'll get to number 1.

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