Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What a difference a fashionista upstart? This!

Oh how much damage they are doing to reflect fashion blogs across the world, gifts of signatures, and fame egobloggers some good taste, read, hear mona, without artifice. One day I decided to show you the stylistic errors of bloggers who do not! must commit . What today is the bible and that no DO .

Dropping the falling

But how I'm not going to look nerdy styling mixed with punk lover and Chloë Sevigny transcript with Rapunzel braids and dress Alexa Chung when she was 13 (and 30)?.
blogger Finally we can achieve so hodgepodge go and made a painting class guys say that with how beautiful is the blogger, goes! Ugly Betty!.

More is more

No ma'am, no. This Eurovegas that arrives in Madrid, perhaps we live between that desire and the gold heels and look cute Paris Hilton, of crossing the desert. But usually always less when it comes to a novice (read young man who wants epatar, be the coolest and read the blog of Anna Dello Russo because he wants to be like her).

All for the logo

Maybe all we want to show that we have sold a kidney to buy the Barkin or Birkin, when it should be photographed with the flap open so you can see who is genuine and that the red soles pull it out, even danger of falling into precipico because we posture by balancing Karate Kid Daniel in the Rocky Mountains.

A head

The blogger world of the street sometimes seems to say two things to make you get cool, both in the head. A Borsalino hat and a crown or the like, to Sioux tape or a crown of flowers, bones, coins, antiques or falling. Nothing betrays more a beginner to this maxim followed to the letter (and say that the styling of the image is ideal).

The high-waisted shorts are the most

Mistake number four. Get high-waisted shorts and you leave the pockets of cotton leg. This styling detail that some feel of fable, others do not.

Anna Dello Russo Syndrome

Oh how much damage is done: between aspiring mambo queens with touches of Versace, her blog and mirras golds and H & M collection , which we lacked.

Blair Waldorf Syndrome

As dangerous as above but much more widespread is the syndrome of the Upper East Side girl who buys in Primark and shooting with the pearl necklace her mother.
It's real panic and Tricia looks great but is most arriegado by the thin line between throw you look perfect and above years.

Photos | Ebba , Nadia , Tricia , FTBH

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