Sunday, September 9, 2012

What if a fashion victim (penniless) it will be the EuroMillions?


Have you ever dreamed that you played the EuroMillions? I do. Several times ... day. And I always end up at the same conclusion. by very high that the award would be insufficient, I think I would spend it in the blink of an eye. There are so many things planned, I think that for many millions (of euros) that I paid into the current account, in a couple (or three days) would be volatilized. And do not lose the faith, the day I touch follow guidelines. Do you agree with me?

Route outrageous shopping with friends

Whenever I travel and meeting heavy shopping area think: one day return to this city with a lot of money and I will not stop leaving these shops with bags and bags. But that experience is meaningless if you do surrounded by your friends, is why I always say: 'we will go for shopping worldwide. I invite you all, without looking prices! '. Aaahhhh! What great pleasure to be going to a store and buy regardless of the price of things. What do I like a bag of 2,000 euros? Give me one in each color.


Better late than never

There are fashion collections for more years pass and you're still longing still like to have some of them in your closet. Well, in my case happens to me every garments of Isabel Marant. Moreover, it would be so cool and great that the designer herself would be my friend and we would go shopping together. Sheathed perhaps with Aztec-print skinny or a minidress with theirs. Yes, Jak and Jil 's Isabel Marant call me Spanish. (Basic have a nickname for people you know).


Where's Charlie?

Like a game of Wally is involved, people will wonder where I am. Each week in a new city, knowing cultures, people and new fashions. Yes, always flying first and staying in the best suites the moment. Will travel so that the life of Chiara Ferragni be dull and boring to me.


My bags together fetish ...

There is a list of bags I want to be part of my life. Each of a different signature (to be changing). Simple, classic, bold or flashy. Each has a something that makes me lose oremus life. Did I leave any?


  • Chloé Paraty
  • Alexander Wang Brenda
  • Chanel Jumbo 2.55
  • Proenza Schouler PS11 Classic
  • Pashli of 3.1 Phillip Lim
  • Muse Two from Yves Saint Laurent
  • Alexander McQueen Skull
  • Celine Boston Bag
  • Mulberry Tassel
  • Bottega Veneta Veneta Large
  • Stella McCartney Falabella

If you are thinking that I leave the base for all posh fashion victim, you were wrong. And is that Hermès deserves a special section because ... I love them all!


And finally in this section, a collection of Louis Vuitton luggage and a Goyard for my many travels.


My own paradise

Obviously in my house would not have closets, but specialized whole rooms: one for bags, one for the shoes, and so on. The reaction of my friends would be like entering the Heineken ad but the square (they are more hysterical). And as chic put doors to Chiara Ferragni ...


And why not?

'I'll fanciest indecent amount of money and want to make me the ball'. Yes, is the mythical phrase from Pretty Woman and I heard it and I wanted to smallish release ever. But my economy allows me the release or in a Primark. So I have to wait to implement it.


Why choose between various models?

You may cast the visa once, I feel like going shopping for some outlet and I stop at a sunglasses store. Perhaps, after all this route becomes my voice sounds a bit twee and whistle like Olivia Palermo and drop an 'I can not decide. Maybe I take all of them '(something like' I can not decide. Maybe I'll take all '). And finish the sentence with a incordiante 'mmmm'.

What would you do strange things with a Euromillions jackpot of his hands?

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