Friday, September 28, 2012

What imitate and what noooo! of pop stars


How hard is the life of the pop star. Perfomances applaud you, airport to and fro and concern of what I get to travel pa I caught the photographers and Perez Hilton fusile my styling. Although the matter is not so frivolous, is like saying that a fashion editor is dedicated to go to parades, which fusilemos be shot or the styles of celebrities sometimes quite inevitable. Come and see the last appearances of Rihanna and Katy Perry, and we go on.

Rihanna has no middle ground. Or ideal and perfect looks or appears dressed by her worst enemy. The first of the images shows that if we imitate it with a casual look perfect but not least: your guy maxi blazer, denim shorts and animal print gnawed accompanied by less candid lipstick.


Other days however, delves into airports with looks that are unclassifiable matter and that they are not even the most stingy recommend customers I could have as a stylist.


Baseballera hat, jersey 'you what you want to eat the tiger "and your boy pants, but you should of never have borrowed it and did not fit him.

Katy Perry

Volcanic chump change when compared with the last sighting of this object is unidentified hiker shirt Katy Perry.
No, not a plane up with a 15-centimeter machete but a shirt like this should be equally prohibited by the injury to passengers accompanying such distinguished horterismo exemplary.


Why sunglasses to go unnoticed? These prints turns around to look at you to the statue of Cibeles, inert despite the passing years and the hordes of Real Madrid.

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