Friday, September 7, 2012

Where I, I mean ... Where I say, I said that the red sole Louboutin if only for

ys Lawsuits have and win. This common saying among lawyers come in handy for the case and red soles Louboutin. It seemed that the battle was lost, the red soles of its monopoly was not one , but only seemed.

The final victory seems offended side and reviled, he said, Christian Louboutin. A U.S. court has vindicated the shoemaker's appeal trial YSL .
Your final decision has been to fail than the color itself could be a feature of the mark in the fashion industry, told the AFP Louboutin's lawyer, Harley Lewin, referring to the failure.

The court "found that Louboutin's trademark is valid and must be respected except when all the shoe is the same color," said the lawyer.

In effect, the ruling reverses "part of the order of the district court denying the protection of 'brand' in the use of lacquered red soles Louboutin", according to the text of the judges.

"We conclude that the characteristic mark, thus modified, is entitled to protection"
affirms the decision of the court of appeals.

The case fishtailing from April 2011 when the developer sued YSL for using red soles on their shoes and requested $ 1 million after demonstrating that color and house brand was registered since 2008. And while studies and international media translates think how lucky is that Louboutin has means and power to fight for what he considers a copy.

What happens to the Inditex empire, with its clones, and the low cost of the empire as a whole? Is there a hidden agenda? Unknown? Agreements that do not come to light? ...

And the most important question, gentlemen scholars illustrated and seems clever, shoes YSL If they were entirely red.

Continued ... (apparently)

Via | NY mag

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