Saturday, September 1, 2012

Why Blair Waldorf seen anymore as a schoolgirl and is more like a sweet old lady?

blair waldorf

What a disappointment the recent looks of Blair Waldorf. And I think the opinion is unanimous . If they thought firing all out this last season of the series, are floundering. The series has long since stopped being interesting plot level, but now it joins the stylistic failure, that mistake was so far the highlight of the series. Waldorf Blair is no longer the sweet and preppy schoolgirl their high school days and has become a lovely old lady friend viejunos prints. One need only review their last joint of the accused.

Floripondios more typical of the old English tea fond of the 5 that of a young, college-age. You can not go pass as a teenage student, table skirts and school uniforms clothes payment to dress like you Grandma Your great-grandmother. No, no, a thousand times no. These cardigans, those colors, those patterns that do not know where they come ...

blair waldorf2

If even rumored that makes clothes stopped lending to the series because it's not the prescriber style began as when it started. Even with Serena's outfits are very poor. Yes, she is supposed to be the sexy series, but each time going over heels, with more cleavage and less fabric.

No wonder the poor Blair put this sad face. Pints ​​Look how I dress! See if the series ends up back looks a bit we both fell in love before.

blair waldorf old

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