Friday, September 21, 2012

Will You Join the fashion sport? Put a sweatshirt in your life, is the most!


There are items of a lifetime 'specialized' for a moment or situation and suddenly ... Baboom! They become a must of the season and we look at all hours. A few days ago we announced the presence of beisboleras hats , and sport the style, now it's the turn of the cotton sweatshirts. You are not a garment to wear with tracksuit, now combined with the fashion victims pencil skirts, jeans and others. Would you join this epidemic for the sport?

They look and his

I admit it: I'm tainted by Chiara Ferragni Blog. And although I do not share his style and makes me more angry than admiration, I can not get into their website. And envy is what I felt when I saw her walking down the streets of San Francisco (city where I lived for three months). MSGM is the brand that signs his gray model, and although I like, I think the price is not going according to the garment.


And Andy's strange mixtures with Fashion Week in New York. Kenzo combined his model with paillettes tube skirt from H & M green. What do you think of the result?


What are you waiting?

If as you were reading the post I have been growing a huge desire to experiment with this garment as a lifetime, but renewed for the new season, low-cost firms present their versions. How do you want it? With applications, text or various tissues. You choose the one that best suits your lifestyle.


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