Thursday, September 6, 2012

Zara already sells online to China: Inditex know limits?

Chinese online store Zara

Inditex opened its most ambitious project in recent months: Zara's online store will sell to the Chinese market. Something that seems to be as easy as translating the web will have to be brought back very hard work, since we are talking of a potential market of over one trillion data point three residents of 2010! with corresponding transport products and a large number of details to which is added the difficulty of Chinese law.

This date will be historic for Inditex which in turn holds the two years of the opening of the Zara online store . Two years already! Yes, we are very quiet old quickly. But hey, you can buy online to take from this downturn.

Although no concrete data on how much can be billed this online store, the president of Inditex, Pablo Isla, said that is the online store that sells the most in the world.

Meanwhile, companies like ING continues to raise the hypothetical value of the share of Inditex forward, placing your money in more than 100 euros, which is on track to achieve annual maximum 91.340 euros signed this September 6 and that will overcome as we despistemos to continue. Remember that on July 31 the news was that exceeded 86 euros .

The question of where is the ceiling of Inditex? still keeping in the drawer because the coming economic data present after opening online in China will have to present them with an envelope of lime.

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