Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Zara TRF Lookbook September 2012: a world where girls dress with class and taste


We are in September, and as such brands begin to bombard every day with new proposals in their lookbooks outfits. Full of new clothes that make trend feel a burning desire to keep him special and everything. And when we talk about Zara TRF The younger line of Zara, and we do not think that makes a girl experiments with fashion. No, now the girls dress with class and taste and that makes me think that I want to take years.

I love how adapt to current trends in the style of life of each person, and this trend is on the rise is more (or not) the military.


Green, brown, khaki and camouflage. It comes in many options for you to adapt to your everyday life to a greater or lesser extent (the taste of the consumer).


But as a running commentary on the catalogs of each firm realizes that in the end everything is the same: same clothes ranging from quality, price and tissues.


And with the arrival of cold appear dull and dark tones such as black and gray. But that makes me sad: I love these colors when dressing. They give a classic touch to your look and perishable.



And every year, with the arrival of new clothes in stores there's always that stands out above the rest. What this time? My money is on the black jacket full of white apps, what do you think?


Although my second bet is this jacket full of colored paillettes. What will win more?


What I love about the Fall-Winter season is the arrival of the cold, and therefore having to find clothes to harbor our hardest days. I have a predilection for cloth coats, especially if presented in gray. This year I get to one of them for sure.



Flowers and pictures invade (again) our closets.


And the tweed will be our best ally in times of transition, but not enough shelters to take in the month of December. That's why in late September and October are the key months to wear a jacket like this.


And although we have said that garnet and blue mixed with black klein are couples of the year, I opted for the black and nude: just perfect.


Sighing and longing? Going to shop around?

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In Jared | Cara Delevigne, chosen as new model of Zara TRF . Every day they do best!

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