Thursday, September 27, 2012

Zara, A way of life? A new religion?


Earlier this month I made ​​a post which showed how the international bloggers adored Zara shoes taken from the Autumn-Winter 2012/2013. But every time I enter a blog I see that the person concerned has something of the Spanish firm. This season I 'is petando' and the evidence I refer. Is that has become the signature guru fashion victims?

And that has gone crazy inside a store by the Spanish firm is Tuula Jessica Stein. No shoes to show off the new season, and each of their models constantly repeated entries. Now that's take advantage and the rest is nonsense. Who do you prefer Jessica or the author of Columbine Smille when combining these boots?


But not only does she live in this model: the cloned model Tabitha Simmons signature already show a few weeks ago is also his favorite saint. What do you think your combination?


I ALL collection

I have a few seasons that I could hardly find a garment that I lose sleep. The fashionable peplum and fluorine and pastel colors were not to my taste. But this season the roles have changed and I want it all. And it looks like Aida Dulceida same thing happens to me, because at the London Fashion Week showcased a total signature look.


Zina of Fashionvibe is a regular at this firm. And always gets some looks perfect with very little. One of their latest is this kind of clothes striped jersey with spiked collar and short sleeves. A perfect piece for this time of transition.


I'm a fan of Atlantic Pacific, so when I saw the look in his last entry was made ​​in Zara I was delighted as ever, I can emulate giving my personal touch!


And sleep it off me this sweatshirt sleeves with applications that I told you a few days ago. Now Chiara Ferragni carries and looks for Instagram, not fair!


A way of life or a religion? Ave Zara ...

Photos | Tuula , Dulceida , Fashionvibe , Atlantic Pacific , Instagram Chiara Ferragni
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