Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Zara Wedge Sneakers

Sneakers con cuña de Zara At last I can show the sneakers with wedge Zara , one of the most desirable clones of Isabel Marant Willow. Zara already have on the sport of fashion, and that is one of the shoes of the moment, which sets the trend this fall winter 2012 2013!

The hidden wedge sneakers are very fashionable! And Zara has one of the best proposals with this design with studs and black color, which cost 59.95 euros. What do you think of Zara sneakers? Do you like?

The Zara sneakers already in your online store but not available, are coming soon so when they are on sale, I will notify by Twitter and Facebook .

Sneakers con cuña de Zara Zara wedge sneakers with hidden wedge 6 centimeters.
Sneakers con cuña de Zara Detail Zara wedge sneakers.

Sneakers con cuña de Zara

In pudes also see the other wedge sports brands such as Black & Marypaz in sneakers fashion shoes !

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